VAPPRO 810GVAPPRO 810G is a viscous gel rust remover that effectively removes rust, stains and tarnish from iron, steel, brass, copper, aluminium and chrome.

Unlike conventional rust remover, Vappro 810G prevents flash rusting after rust removal. Its corrosion inhibition properties inhibit metals against corrosion after rust removal.


VAPPRO 811GVAPPRO 811G is a 100% completely organic and highly biodegradable scale & rust remover. It is a dark amber viscous gel that effectively removes rust, stains and tarnish from iron, steel, brass, copper, aluminum and chrome.

It is specially formulated to remove calcium and magnesium scale corrosion from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, without creating waste disposal difficulties.

Vappro 811G has no known adverse effect on human skin, paints, wood, plastics, ceramics or rubber when used as recommended – it is essentially non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable. Its mild odour properties make it ideal for both in-plant and outdoor applications.


VAPPRO 887VAPPRO 887 Magtan is a non-pigmented rust converter primer that stabilizes firm rust, by converting it to a more stable form of iron.

The conversion process is accompanied by a dramatic color change from a milky white to a dark shade.

Because non-toxic VAPPRO 887 Magtan is so versatile in its method of application, it can be used in every industry. Automobile manufacturing repair and maintenance, aviation, chemical and petro-chemical, marine, mining, general and specialist engineering, structural and civil engineering, water works, painting contractors, garages, building, transportation, offshore industries, etc.

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