VAPPRO® 1000 VCI Masterbatch

Vappro VCI Masterbatch VAPPRO 1000 VCI MASTERBATCH is a linear low-density polyethylene VCI masterbatch additive. It contains a proprietary formulation and is used as a masterbatch additive for the production of VAPPRO 826 VCI Film.

VAPPRO 1000 VCI MASTERBATCH additive is specially formulated for corrosion protection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

It is safe and does not require any changes in the manufacturing process.  The letdown ratio for VAPPRO 1000 VCI MASTERBATCH is one of the lowest available in the industry.

VAPPRO MBR 1000 additive has a broad spectrum of formulation applications and is currently being used for the production of VCI polyethylene bags, shrouds, tubing film, U-film and sheeting films. Depending on the resin carrier used, VAPPRO MBR 1000 can also be used in the production of VCI Blown Stretch Film, VCI Shrink Film, VCI Corrugated Plastic Containers, VCI Injection Molded Parts, and VCI Foam and VCI Bubble Wrap.


With the introduction of VAPPRO 1000 VCI MASTERBATCH Resins can be produced at a very competitive price anywhere in the World. VAPPRO MBR 1000 is a specialty value-added additive that provides superior corrosion protection.

Vappro Masterbatch Machine

Extrusion Recommendations

The extrusion temperature should be under 430°F. We recommend that only virgin resins be used for the production of VCI film.  If necessary, modifications are made to provide for any additional properties needed such as UV, Anti-Static, etc.



Vappro MBL Flexo-GreenVAPPRO 2200 MBL  is a concentrated Vappro Corrosion Inhibitor liquid additive, specially developed for corrosion control in high humidity and high salinity environments.

VAPPRO 2200 MBL is used as a corrosion inhibitor for paper products.

VAPPRO 2200 MBL VCI additive enhances the performance of your product line and does not contain nitrites, hydrazine, molybdates or heavy metals. Vappro’s revolutionary VCI technology is an environmentally safe alternative to traditional corrosion inhibitor formulations.

VAPPRO 2200 MBL can be easily formulated into your product to give corrosion protection capabilities. Vappro VCI are self-replenishing for uninterrupted protection through Vapour phase, Interphase and Direct Contact protection.

It gives your products added market value without drastically increasing your costs. Your customers will be able to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, simply by purchasing your VCI enhanced products.

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