VAPPRO 700 Magna GL Greasless LubricantVAPPRO 700 Magna GL is a proprietary special lubricant. It is a colorless, waxless, stainless silicone lubricant that stops binding and squeaking of all moving parts.

It has high oxidation resistance, dielectric strength, water repellency and sheerability without breakdown.

Vappro 700 Magna GL forms a protective flexible shield on rubber, plastic, leather, metal and wood surfaces, and electrical components, when used as a protective coating.

VAPPRO® 869 VCI Grease

VAPPRO 869 VCI GreaseVAPPRO 869 is a mixture of Vapour corrosion inhibitors, and oil-based carriers. It is formulated to provide superior protection over conventional rust-inhibiting oils/coating.

VAPPRO 869 concentrate is grease like material that is diluted with oil to provide a self-healing and lubricating coating.

VAPPRO 869 can also be added to lubricating oils to improve corrosion resistance. Its tacky film provides good lubrication for moving and sliding parts

Resistant to sag, run-off and flow. High resistivity and insulating properties, effectively prevents galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals.


VAPPRO 871 VCI Lubricating OilVAPPRO 871 is a light oily liquid that gives off an invisible vapour that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from rusting or corroding.

You can use VAPPRO 871 to protect machine tools, weapons, gear assemblies, automotive parts, engines, machinery parts, hand tools, and other metal products subject to rusting or atmospheric corrosion during storage or shipping.

VAPPRO 871 protects in two ways. First, oil soluble VCI offers a tenacious film, which clings to metal surfaces. In addition to this film barrier, VCI releases vapour phase inhibitors into the air over the oil.

These vapours condense and form a protective invisible barrier on surfaces not contacted by the liquid product. The combined action provides complete protection for internal system parts.

Vappro 871 performs effectively even under the adverse conditions of 100% Relative Humidity. It contains no hazardous chromates, nitrites or phosphate inhibitors.


VAPPRO 872 VCI Super Penetrating OilVAPPRO 872 is a powerful blend of quick acting super-penetrating solvents, that is different from ordinary penetrating oils. It actually loosens rust and corrosion almost instantly.

VAPPRO 872 will free any part frozen by rust, corrosion, scale, paint, varnish, carbon or gum – and is amazingly fast acting!

VAPPRO 872 is a general purpose, top-quality penetrating and releasing oil that ensures continued lubrication of freed parts. It is also used for disassembly and assembly of machinery, piping, valves, pulleys, studs, nuts & bolts, etc.


VAPPRO 999 VCI High Temp GreaseVAPPRO 999 is a metallic-silver high temperature grease fortified with VCI additives that provide it with excellent lubricating properties, stability and anti-wear capabilities.

VAPPRO 999 is an olefinic copolymer and a finely divided thickener, homogenized with VCI additive fortifiers, molybdenum disulfide (in sub-micron particle size), graphite and aluminum.

VAPPRO 999 is a non-gumming, non-petroleum base grease. It has no dropping point, so it will not run out of threads when heated. It sticks to the metal threads and lets joints in pipes, or nuts on bolts or studs, make up with less torque.

VAPPRO 999 is also a high-temperature anti-friction bearing lubricant that functions in high-speed use to 450º F.  From 600º F through 2100º F, it functions as a dry-film lubricant for heavy load and slow speed use – such as in slides or slow-revolution equipment, with the molybdenum actually plaiting out to prevent metal-to-metal contact and surface scuffing.

It also provides reliable lubrication in boundary conditions.  VAPPRO 999, when operated at high temperatures for a prolonged time interval, will need to be reapplied more frequently than when operated at lower temperatures.

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