VAPPRO® Magna 119 – Adhesive Remover

VAPPRO Magna 119 Adhesive RemoverVappro Magna 119 VCI stripper is a colourless viscous liquid specially developed to remove paints and adhesive labels from ULD trolleys and aircraft, without causing metal loss to metal substrates such as aluminum, titanium and its alloys. It does not contain harmful solvents like toulene, xylene, acetone, etc., and is non-flammable.

Vappro Magna 119 VCI stripper strips paints and protects metal substrates from corrosion. Unlike conventional liquid paint strippers that evaporate quickly, Vappro–Magna 119 remains on the surface to soften, penetrate and remove the coating.

It has a unique combination of vapour and contact inhibiting properties to prevent corrosion, flash rusting and discoloration of aluminum, iron, copper, brass, steel or titanium after paint, adhesive or label removal.

Vappro-Magna 119 VCI stripper effectively strips Acrylics, Alkyds, Vinyls, Styrenes, Epoxies, Enamels, Polyesters, etc.

Our many Vappro Magna 119 clients include Singapore Airlines, Nordisk Aviation, Lufthansa and Diethlem Industries.


VAPPRO 600 VCI Pro-DiscVAPPRO 600 VCI Pro-Disc water based coating offers an unique product combining non-slip safety and the well known Vappro VCI Corrosion Protection.

Vappro 600 VCI Pro-Disc imparts non-slip properties to the Brake Disc and effectively protect it from corrosion. It was specially developed to protect Brake Disc from corrosion during storage or mothballing of Military vehicle without affecting the braking efficiency of the vehicle.

Vappro 600 VCI Pro-Disc is a fast drying, free flowing white emulsion liquid, when dry, forms a tough, durable non-slip coating on the Brake Disc enhancing safety while protecting the substrate.


VAPPRO 800 Cleaner/DegreaserVAPPRO 800 is a water-based heavy-duty multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser. It is specially formulated using powerful detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents and Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor to meet the requirements for cleaning heavy vehicles and provides temporary corrosion protection.

This product will clean and dissolve grease, oils, road film, insect residues, smoke and soot, and similar types of accumulated debris from automobiles, large and small transport trucks, trailers, buses, taxis, boats, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, planes and farm equipment.

When used with pressure washing equipment, Vappro 800provides effortless cleaning, rapid penetration through layers of buildup, and streak-free rinsing from surfaces.


VAPPRO VCI 804 Ships Ballast ProtectionVAPPRO VCI 804 is a dark, liquid rust preventive material designed to provide effective protection for ferrous metal surfaces. Vappro VCI 804 is composed of petroleum oils combined with metal wetting agents and V.C.I. rust inhibitors.

The compound in Vappro VCI 804 enables it to wet metal in the presence of water, and penetrate rust and scale to reach and provide protection to the base metal underneath. The coating formed is durable and resistant to removal by water washing.

Vappro VCI 804 is recommended for the arrest and prevention of rust in ships’ ballast tanks, voids, cofferdams, chain lockers, barge brakes and other equipment where spraying, painting and flotation methods are used.


VAPPRO 890 Pipe StripVAPPRO 890 Pipe Strip offers a unique method for corrosion protection of ferrous metal pipes, or tubes.

VAPPRO 890 Pipe Strip makes it possible to protect pipe and tube interiors against corrosion without the need to apply or remove coatings.

Installation requires simply inserting a length of VAPPRO 890Pipe Strip inside a pipe or tube, which is then capped. Within hours, the VCI vapours from the pipe strip saturate the enclosed space. In the presence of water vapour, the VCI vapours passivate the metal surface, thus arresting the process of corrosion.

VAPPRO® NDT FD Cleaner/Remover

VAPPRO NDT FD Cleaner/RemoverVappro NDT FD Cleaner/Remover is a colourless and non-chlorinated solvent. It is used as a pre-cleaner, a post cleaner and a penetrant remover.

Used as part of the Vappro flaw detector Non-Destruction Test Kit system.

VAPPRO® NDT FD Penetrant

VAPPRO NDT FD PenetrantVappro NDT FD Penetrant is a solvent-removable red colour contrast penetrant. It exhibits outstanding penetrating characteristics, which provide for maximum reliability in locating surface-flaws.

Used as part of the Vappro flaw detector Non-Destruction Test Kit system.

VAPPRO® NDT FD Developer

VAPPRO NDT FD DeveloperVappro NDT FD Developer uses fast drying white particles, which provide an excellent contrasting background for Vappro FD penetrants. It is formulated to be low in sulfur and halogens to minimize corrosion.

Used as part of the Vappro flaw detector Non-Destruction Test Kit system.

VAPPRO® FPR – Finger Print Remover

Vappro FPR is a revolutionary cleaning and anti-corrosion agent which removes fingerprint, carbon, and light corrosion deposits while leaving behind a thin film of corrosion inhibitor that passivates metal from corrosion.

VAPPRO FPR is an ozone and environmentally friendly cleaning agent.

VAPPRO FPR helps maintain the original look of OEM metal parts.

VAPPRO FPR has water displacing properties and is specifically recommended for short term corrosion protection of machined parts.

VAPPRO® Security Label

VAPPRO Security LabelVappro Security Label is a 10.2cm by 7.5cm green foil security label.

It was specially developed as a security label for sealing all openings of military vehicles and equipment after vapprotisation/ preservation.

It is a tamper proof security label that helps keep vandals away from stored equipment.

VAPPRO Security Labels are used extensively in sealing the preserved equipment of the Singapore Armed Forces, Taiwan and Philipines Armed Forces. The Canadian Armed Forces has also sanctioned the use of VAPPRO Security Labels for all their stored equipment.

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