Vappro VCI Products

VAPPRO VCI chemistry is 100% FREE of nitrites. It does not contains any heavy metals. It is user friendly and is safe for the environment.

VAPPRO VCI Products come in many form such as: VCI Bags, VCI Film, VCI Emitters, VCI Foam Pads, VCI Foam Roll, VCI Metal Working Fluids, VCI Coatings, VCI Powder, VCI Paper, VCI Masterbatch, VCI Grease, VCI Oils, VCI Degreaser, VCI Armkleen, VCI Gun Cleaner, VCI Gun Oil, VCI Gel, VCI Fingerprint Remover, VCI Rust Converter, VCI Rust Remover, VCI Gusset Bags, VCI Recloseable Bag, VCI Coolant , VCI Oil Additive, VCI Hydraulic Additive & VCI Fuel Additive.

VAPPRO VCI Powder  products are widely used in various industries for hydrostatic testing of pipes and valves as well as for fogging of pipes, tanks and voids.

VAPPRO VCI Products are engineered for both short and long term multi-metals corrosion protection.It is easy to apply, safe and user friendly.

Many of VAPPRO VCI Products are assigned with Nato Stock Number and conforms to military specifications which attest to the integrity, performance and quality of  our products. In addition, many of VAPPRO Products are RoHS Compliant and are suitable for use in EU Countries.

Vappro VCI Products are widely use by the Oil & Gas Industry, Automotive Industry, Mining Industry, Nuclear Industry and others.

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