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Magna Grime Buster

Magna Grime Buster

MAGNA GRIME BUSTER is a premium grade, and highly effective, waterless hand cleaner. Its opaque gel has been formulated using hard-working surfactants, mild solvents, and a superior blend of skin conditioners.

Grime Buster will clean the most stubborn dirt while softening and conditioning the skin.  And its bacterio-static agents retard the growth of skin bacteria.

Grime Buster works equally well when used with water. Features a pleasant fragrance, skin-conditioning emollients, and absolutely no harsh solvents.  Leaves no tacky residue on the skin.

Grime Buster safely and effectively removes grease & oil, printer’s ink, rubber cement, dirt & grime, shoe polish, cosmetics, carbon, lipstick, adhesives, paint, dyes, tar & asphalt, graphite, shellac, and much more!

Available with, or without, pumice, in standard sized 2L canisters. Also available in 20L Pails.

Magna M-600 Hand Soap

Magna M-600 Hand Soap

MAGNA M-600 HAND SOAP, which is available in Lavender Blue or Pink, is a lightly scented, specially formulated hand shampoo.  M-600 contains a high percentage of active solids, for rich lasting lather, quick wetting and the absorption of all types of dirt and grease.

M-600 is blended with disinfectants and emollients (which act as a skin softener and prevents skin from drying).  Its highly concentrated solution dissolves instantly in water. This superior liquid shampoo is suitable for use in all dispensers.

M-600 hand soap is ideal for use in public washroom facilities, restaurant bathrooms and as well as company washroom facilities.

Available in 4L bottles as well as 20L Pails.

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