All Purpose Cleaners

Magna M-240 Window Cleaner

Magna M-240 Window CleanerMAGNA M-240 WINDOW CLEANER is a clear blue cleaner for windows, mirrors, porcelain, chrome surfaces and glazed tiles. Its excellent cleaning power derives from an exact blend of safe-to-handle detergents, and fast acting solvents, that dissolve dust, dirt and grease.

M-240 holds these impurities in the cleaning solution so that they can be easily wiped away.

Economical and easy to use it works instantly and effectively, even in dilution.  It does not allow scum formation when used with hard water.  M-240 leaves behind a lustrous dust-free surface.

M-240 Window Cleaner is great for use in public washrooms, kitchens and vehicle interiors, as well as anywhere porcelain or chrome is found.  It makes a great dusting liquid spray, which does not leave smudges and streaks behind.

Available in 4L bottles as well as 20L Pails.

Magna M-340 Pine Cleaner

Magna M-340 Pine CleanerMAGNA M-340 PINE CLEANER is a natural product and does not contain synthetic ingredients such as chlorinated phenols. It is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive.  This means it will not negatively affect metal, cloth or emulsions.

M-340 is a powerful cleaner that also acts as an effective disinfectant against disease-producing bacteria.  It deodourizes with the soft natural scent of pine, produced by the natural pine oil used in its formulation. There are no synthetic deodourizers added to M-340 (which makes so many other brands of pine cleaner pungent smelling).

M-340 is super-concentrated and therefore very economical to use. It can be mixed 1 part cleaner to 100 parts water for most general cleaning jobs.

Use M-340 Pine Cleaner in hospitals, public places, washrooms, restaurants, pet quarters and food processing plants. It is ideal for washing hardwood floors, as well as commercial tile floors.

Available in 4L bottles as well as 20L Pails.

Magna M-430 Carpet Shampoo & Spot Remover

Magna M-430 Carpet Shampoo and Spot RemoverMAGNA M-430 CARPET SHAMPOO & SPOT REMOVER is a special style of carpet shampoo, formulated specifically for use with steam-cleaning and water-extraction units.

The M-430 formulation combines the best attributes of emulsifiers, solvents, soil suspension agents, lubricants, re-soiling retardants and brighteners. This delicate blend of ingredients, coupled with the special controlled foam characteristics of M-430, produce an effective product for technical shampooing applications

The use of M-430 with hot water extraction equipment, offers the operator the following advantages:

Available in 4L Bottles as well as 20L Pails.

Magna Tropical Garden Air Freshioner

Magna Tropical Garder Air FreshionerMAGNA TROPICAL GARDEN AIR FRESHIONER is an effective air-freshener that refreshes and deodourizes stale air caused by the presence of decomposing organic materials and tobacco smoke.

Its fragrances are derived from a compound of natural flowers and fruits. Not only are the fragrances gentle, its propellants are ozone and environmentally friendly.

Tropical Garden’s flower and fruit fragrance is gentle but lingering. It is economical  and great for use as a bathroom deodourizer, in vehicles, Hotel and Motel rooms, busi-ness offices, hospital rooms – anywhere there are stubborn unpleasant odours or stale air.

Available in 120ml spray bottles, 700ml spray bottles or 4L bottles.

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