Magna’s dedicated team of in-house research chemists have developed a comprehensive line of industrial grade Maintenance Products, for use in demanding Automotive, Industrial and Hospitality Industry applications.

Some of our Maintenance Products are M-100 Hard Surface Cleaner; M-106 Alkaline Degeaser; Magna Grime Buster Waterless Hand Cleaner; M-240 Window Cleaner; M-340 Pine Cleaner; M-430 Carpet Shampoo; Aluminum Cleaner Brightener; Maxi-Foam high pressure car shampoo; Magna Wash & Wax Car shampoo and Magna De-Carb extra heavy duty degreaser,

In addition we also manufacture a light gel rust remover known as Magna Rust Buster for removing heavy industrial rust applications. Recently we have added yet another another amazing environmentally friendly product known as Enviro-Rust Treatment which is tough on rust but extremely gently on hands. In most cases the residual waste water can be dispose in sewer system. You will have to try this product to see the magic of this product for yourself.

Our products are chemically engineered for super high performance, concentrated and extremely cost effective per use. Magna Maintenance Products are user and environmentally friendly.

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