The success of conventional lubricating oils is predicated upon maintaining a high film strength oil barrier between two surfaces moving relative to each other. Resistance to the movement of these surfaces is defined as friction, which can be either sliding or rolling or which can be caused by the shearing action of a lubricant attempting to separate the two surfaces. Hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, and boundary lubrication typically occur in some combination in virtually all mechanisms which require lubrication, and most commercial lubricants are reasonably capable of doing the job for which they are intended. Lupromax is a proprietary lubricant which takes normal lubrication a step further. It not only has superior film strength but also impregnates the steel itself, metallurgically, at the friction surfaces.

Types of Lubricant

The majority of lubricants are either mineral (paraffin, naphthalene, asphalt), synthetic (esters, polymers), solids (graphite, molybdenum disulfide, Teflon), or greases (oils with various organic or inorganic thickeners). Several additives are available for these products which serve as corrosion inhibitors, rust inhibitors, etc. Modern engine oils, for example, usually contain 8 -10 different additives, accounting for 10- 20% of the volume in a container of oil, the balance being refined petroleum or synthetic oil.


Lupromax-EA is a Premium Quality Engine Oil Additive with metal Conditioner designed to provide excellent automotive lubrication. It protects engines from wearing prematurely and maximizes engine power for all vehicles and equipment.

Lupromax meets U.S. MIL-I-46152B specifications. It bears the NATO Stock Number # 9150-32-078-8661.

Lupromax-EA Automotive Lubricant Additive features the following benefits:

  1. Reduce Engine Wear up to 50%
  2. Reduce Carbon Emission
  3. Reduce Electrical Amperage of drive
  4. Reduce Fuel Consumption
  5. Increase & Stabilize Compression
  6. Maximizes Engine Power
  7. Extends Oil Change Intervals


Lupromax-EA is a proprietary engine oil additive that contains Heat Activated Technology. Lupromax-EA concentrate has numerous properties when mixed with lubrication fluids, making it a very versatile additive for numerous lubrication applications. It is a non-particulate, non-harmful and environmentally friendly metal conditioner and, therefore, eliminates the fear of clogging your oil-filter.

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