The next generation of high performing, environmentally safe – and fireproof – hydraulic fluids has arrived!

Magna Enviro Hydro-LubeOur Enviro Hydro-Lube Hydraulic Fluids consist of a three component mixture of water, glycol and water-soluble poly-glycol. The fourth component is Magna’s special additive package designed to provide corrosion protection, metal passivation, anti-wear and lubrication properties.

Enviro Hydro-Lube has passed rigorous testing and is currently being used in major industrial applications around the world.

Why Enviro Hydro-Lube?

What are the Benefits of Enviro Hydro-Lube?

Where Can Enviro Hydro-Lube be Applied?

Hydraulic Fluid Product Comparison Chart

Click on the image below to watch a 5 minute video describing these exciting new products from Magna Chemical.

Magna Chemical New Products Video
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