Vappro Preservation Management Life Cycle Program

The Vappro Preservation Management Life Cycle consists of four methodical and detailed stages. Beginning with zero point maintenance which is a compulsory service task before storage, the vehicle then undergoes the preparation stage of general cleaning, lubrication, and treatment of existing corrosion. The following stage involves applying the Vappro Preservation Procedure to the engine, transmission, gearboxes, cooling system, fuel system, etc. Once preservation is complete, the entire vehicle will be securely sealed. At the mobilization 2 year point, the Vappro Gard cover and security labels will be removed. De-processing will then proceed.

The Vappro Program is a cost-effective solution that is adaptable to multiple vehicles and equipment. It is one of the top programs that has successfully preserved equipment from corrosion and fungus over cycles of 2 to 5 years.

One of the performance features of the Vappro Program is its applicability in various climatic conditions. Its usage has been proven worldwide in extreme conditions including cold, tropical and hot desert conditions. It exceeds the thaw stability test and works successfully in the high humidity levels of the Asia Pacific.


We believe in a total solution. Therefore, when you choose Vappro, you are investing in a program where your personnel will receive comprehensive training in preservation techniques and procedures. Moreover, each piece of equipment will have a detailed preservation manual specifically written for its application.

The Vappro Program has a proven success rate for mobilization of more than 98% preserved over a two-year cycle. This exceptional rate of success underlines Vappro’s flexibility to meet a wide range of needs worldwide in all weather conditions. And being cost-effective your engines will roar to life without burning a hole in your budget.

Our Track Record includes successful mobilization in various Asia Pacific countries and Middle East countries.

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