Vappro GBSS (Gun Barrel Surface Scanner) Patent No. P-No.177245

Vappro GBSS

Vappro GBSS (Gun Barrel Surface Scanner)

The patented Vappro gun barrel surface scanner ( Vappro GBSS) will capture detailed information of any fouling, nicks, pitting, scourge, rifling-lifted, corrosion, major blemishes, heat- cracking and erosion or excessive wear of the surface of the Howitzer Gun Barrel and its exact location in the laptop computer.

The bore of the gun barrel needs to be checked or inspected quarterly for “Fit for Firing” and this in accordance with the Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Serviceability Instructions, and has been adopted by most armed forces worldwide.

Inspection of the surface of the Gun Barrel Surface has always been a tedious process and uphill tasks for soldiers. The current visual inspection is not effective as inaccessible centre portion of the barrel does not provide sufficient light to aid in the visual inspection. In order to provide a proper inspection of the condition of the said Gun Barrels, including the full use of a typical human’s depth perception by the use of both of their eyes, it is important that the condition of the surface of the Gun Barrel be documented during the inspection.

An apparatus or device be of such a configuration is of utmost importance that a person can utilize the said apparatus or device to determine the exact location of the obstruction and/or the defect of the said barrel and have it documented in the computer during the inspection.

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