Vappro Corrosion Control For Military

The specific conditions of protecting military equipment in High Humidity Climate, and diversity of materials used in construction of military equipment, call for special quality VCI products to give two years’ protection of the military equipment against corrosion.

The slightest occurrence of corrosion on arms and the military equipment can cause changes in their technical performance, affect their reliability in practice and may result in loss of lives in times of war.

In practice, most of the military equipment and arms are continually kept in reserve, so it is of paramount importance to protect them from corrosion while maintaining their original technical properties. The development trends in protection of such equipment have been based on reliability, easy application, quick mobilization, and on economic benefits.

Vappro Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors have been developed to meet the above requirements. Materials used in Vappro are organic chemical substances, containing a mixture of proprietary amine compound. This compound is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Through our years of experience with several armed forces around the world, we have accumulated not just experiences but also cutting-edge technologies to preserve all types of military vehicles.

We have developed a cost-effective programme that is adaptable to multiple
vehicles and equipment. This programme is capable of preserving equipment from corrosion and fungus over cycles of two to five years in all types of climatic conditions.

The technological advantages of using the Vappro Preservation Management Programme as compared to the existing classic systems include the following points:

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