Industrial Assets Preservation with VAPPRO VCI Products


VAPPRO VCI rust prevention products are designed for the corrosion protection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are commonly found in the electronics, forestry, marine, oil and gas and automotive industries. Vappro VCI Corrosion Prevention products are designed to protect industrial equipment during transit or in long-term storage that are subjected to harsh conditions like high salinity, extreme humidity and other corrosive environments.

VAPPRO VCI Industrial Assets Preservation System is a proven total rust prevention solution for industrial equipment while in long-term storage. This system is extremely versatile, cost effective, easy to apply and suitable for use in diverse climatic environments.

VAPPRO Industrial Assets Preservation VCI products come in the form of VCI Emitters, VCI Pouches, VCI Packaging Film, VCI Oil Additives, VCI Powders, VCI Coatings and others. The variety of our VCI products are designed to accommodate the diverse corrosion preservation demands and requirements of various industries.

VAPPRO VCI Products are 100% Nitrite free and do not contain any heavy metals. Our products are user-friendly and safe for the environment.


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