VAPPRO VCI Corrosion Prevention Products

VCI is the acronym for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor. VAPPRO VCI corrosion inhibitor products provide excellent corrosion protection for multi-metals and equipment that are in transit or are placed in long term storage. It provides continual corrosion protection on metal parts and equipment even when they are subjected to harsh environmental conditions.

VAPPRO VCI corrosion inhibitor products are safe, user-friendly and it comes in a variety of forms such as:


VAPPRO 1000 VCI MasterBatch is an anti-corrosion Polyethylene Additive. Vappro 1000 VCI Masterbatch is 100% Nitrite and Amine Free. It is cost effective, safe to handle, user-friendly and extremely easy to process.

VAPPRO 1000 VCI MasterBatch additive when added to P.E. film, provides excellent anti-corrosion properties that protect multi-metals from corrosion for up to three years on more depending on the environment the metal part is subjected to.

VAPPRO 1000 VCI MasterBatch can be impregnated to polyethylene products to achieve VCI properties in Blown Film,  Stretch Film, Bubble Wrap, PE Foam and other PE packaging materials.


VAPPRO 826 VCI Film comes in many forms and is widely used in the automotive industry, oil and gas industry, steel industry, marine industry and the military for the corrosion protection of metallic parts, equipment, and weaponry during shipping and long term storage. Our VCI film products are tested and conform to MIL-PRF-22019D, MIL-STD-3010C as well as the British Test Method BSI IEC 68-2-30:1980.

VAPPRO VCI Film Products consists of:


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