VAPPRO VCI Corrosion Prevention Products

VCI is the acronym for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor. VAPPRO VCI Products come in many form such as: VCI Masterbatch,VCI Bags (MIL-PRF-22019D) VCI Film (MIL-STD-3010C Method 4031), VCI Sheeting Film (BSI IEC 68-2-30:1980), VCI Tubing Film, VCI Heat Sealable Bag, VCI Gusset Bags, VCI Shrink Film, VCI Zipper Bag, VCI Recloseable Bag, VCI Emitter, VCI Foam, VCI Packagings, VCI Metal Working Fluids,  VCI Coatings, VCI Powder, VCI Cohesive Paper, VCI Paper, Vappro 848 VCI Powder, VCI Oil, VCI Emitters, VCI Aerosols, VCI Additives,VCI Gun Cleaner, Gun Cleaner, Gun Oil, VCI Gun Oil, VCI 841 Powder, VCI 844 Powder, VCI 849 VCI Powder,VCI Masterbatch, Anti-Corrosion Coatings, VCI Lubricants, VCI Fingerprint Remover-MIL-C15074D, VCI ArmKleen-MIL-C-372C & MIL-63460B, VAPPRO 800 VCI Degreaser, VCI Gel, VCI Rust Remover, VCI Rust Converter, VCI Chips, Rust Converter, Rust Remover, Hydrostatic Testing Inhibitors, VCI Liquids, VCI Pouch,VCI Pak, VCI Penetrating Oil, VCI Lubricating Oil and other VCI Corrosion Inhibitors are designed for corrosion protection of all type metals and are RoHS Compliant. many of VAPPRO VCI Products conform to military specifications & bears the Nato Stock Number.

VAPPRO 841 VCI POWDER is use for hydrostatic testing using fresh water. VAPPRO 844 VCI POWDER is use for hydrostatic testing using salt water. VAPPRO 848 VCI POWDER  is use for fogging of pipes, tanks and voids. VAPPRO 849 VCI POWDER is use for hydrostatic testing for multi-metals and can be used for dry fogging applications as well.



VAPPRO 1000 VCI MasterBatch is a value added anti-corrosion PE Additive. The primary function of this VCI Masterbatch additive is to provide anti-corrosion properties in PE blown film. In addition, this Masterbatch can also be used to produce VCI Stretch Film, VCI Bubble Wrap, VCI Foam and other packaging materials. VAPPRO 1000 VCI Masterbatch provides corrosion protection for all types of metals. The automotive industry, oil and gas industry, steel industry, marine industry and the military are some major consumers of VCI protective packaging materials to prevent their metallic parts and equipments from corrosion especially during shipping and long term storage.

Magna Chemical Canada Inc. manufactures  VAPPRO 1000 VCI Masterbatch additive. We are now making this masterbatch available to all plastic extrusion companies domestically & internationally. We provide full technical support to all our customers to ensure their success in the production of their own brand of VCI film utilizing this said masterbatch.

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